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September 3rd, 2014: NovAtel OEM6 Firmware Release 6.510

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Firmware version 6.510 | OEM060510RN0000 | OMP060510RN0000 is available for NovAtel OEM6 Series of GNSS receivers. This firmware release adds support for the OEM617 hardware as well as PPP improvements. NovAtel recommends installing the latest firmware on your NovAtel receivers.

6.510 Release Notes

  • General Release | supports all OEM6 platforms except GPStation6
  • FPGA version 4 update required for all OEM638 and ProPak6 models
    • FPGA update MUST be done on COM2 of the receiver
  • Support for OEM617 hardware
  • PPP support on Smart6 receiver
  • PPP latency improvement
    • Previously PPP calculation limited the PPP position rate (below 20Hz) and caused variable calculation latency
  • BDS acquisition improvement
    • Cold start improvement of 8 seconds
  • 240 channels supported on OEM638 and ProPak6

6.510 New Commands

    • The SETIMUPORTPROTOCOL command is to force the IMU serial port to a particular protocol. This overrides the default setting configured upon the CONNECTIMU command
    • Command sent to rover to enable SPAN moving baseline functionality between it and master receiver

6.510 Command Changes

    • Changes to LEVERARMCALIBRATE min/max time allowed for calibration to 300-1800 from 0-1000

Where can I get the firmware?

You can download the firmware from NovAtel’s website at

OMP060510RN0000.shex is specific to the OEM638 and ProPak-6 receivers.
OIF000004RN0000.hex is specific to the OEM638 and ProPak-6 receivers. Use COM2 to install.
OEM060510RN0000.shex is the release build for all other OEM6 family receivers.

If you have any questions, or need help performing the update, you can call us at 281.332.4656 or send us a message using our online form.