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June 15th, 2021: OmniSTAR Service Beam Change

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OmniSTAR satellite beams in North America will be transitioning to a single satellite beam. This will affect all North America users of OmniSTAR VBS, XP, G2, and HP services. The new frequency will be available starting on Jun 15 2021. Transition will need to be completed by Jul 26 2021.

Current Beams

RegionSatellite NameFrequency (MHz)Baud Rate (bps)
Eastern USMSV-E1557.84501200
Central USMSV-C1557.83501200
Western USMSV-W1557.85501200

New Beam

RegionSatellite NameFrequency (MHz)Baud Rate (bps)
North America and CanadaCONNA1555.78851200

Users currently using Auto-tune setting in their receivers should update to the new frequency automatically if powered up during the transitioning period. Some users may require a manual tune to the new frequency due to configuration, hardware, or firmware limitation. Instructions for manually tuning your receiver can be found at

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