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August 25th, 2014: Carlson Survey 2015 with AutoCAD Embedded Released

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Carlson 2015 has been released. This new version adds numerous features and improvements to an already powerful line of software for land development and mining. The new version is available for: Carlson Civil | Carlson Survey | Carlson Hydrology | Carlson GIS | Carlson Construction | Carlson GeoTech | Carlson CADnet | Carlson Trench | Carlson Field | Carlson Point Cloud | Carlson Mining | Carlson Natural Regrade.


Toolbar Manager – New command to save status of toolbars and migration of toolbar setting from one version to another.

Carlson Cloud – New command for communication with SurvCE for sending messages, data files and crew locations.

3D Viewer – Add and edit models in scene, apply textures, record movies, animation, surface updates, SketchUp import.

PDF – Import PDF with layers and new command to create 3D PDFs.

Field to Finish – Create pipe networks and templates with variable offsets.

Design Detention Pond – New command with steps for detention pond design and support for multiple rain events.

Surface Mine Reserves – Real-time quantities while pit perimeter adjusted.

Surface Equipment Timing – Use production targets with variable equipment usage for adjustment to meet targets.

Make Solid from Points – Create a solid model from a cloud of points.

IntelliCAD 8.0 – Direct support for 2013 .dwg file format. Addition of 64-bit version. New features: dynamic entity reactors, layer states, improved ddvpoint interface.

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