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May 16th, 2007: NovAtel OEMV Firmware Version 3.20

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The latest OEMV firmware version 3.20 has been released. This new version has several improvements and features. One of the most anticipated addition is the automatic beam selection for OmniSTAR satellite based DGPS corrections. Prior to this feature, a command to change the frequency had to be issued. The automatic beam selection eliminates the need for manually setting the frequency.

Other improvements include: Improved Troposphere Model, GPS+GLONASS positioning, and AdVance RTK (technical white paper, PDF). A complete list of changes since version 3.10 is shown below.
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May 11th, 2007: NovAtel DL-V3 GPS Receiver

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NovAtel’s DL-V3 Series GPS receiver is now available.
This powerful GPS receiver adds data logging capability along with LED tracking indication. It is powered by the OEMV-3, which can utilize Satellite Base Augmentation System (SBAS) corrections such as WAAS, OmniSTAR VBS, XP, or HP corrections, or CDGPS.

It can accept a power input range from 9 – 28 VDC which makes it versatile for a number of applications. Multiple data connection types allow for flexibility. You can connect via 9 pin com port, USB, ethernet, or bluetooth. (continue reading this entry…)

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May 9th, 2007: gpssupport.htm Page Updated

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Our gpssupport.htm page has been updated.

A new section titled Manufacturer Tools and Resources has been added. This section shows links to common software and documentation resources for our product manufacturers.

There are currently links for FreeWave, NovAtel, and Pacific Crest, but more will be added soon.

Should you wish to recommend something, use our online form to send us a message.

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