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March 28th, 2016: FreeWave WavePro Now Available

Filed under: Products

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FreeWave’s WP201 is now available for purchase. The WP201 is a short separation (1-8 miles) wireless platform for voice, video, data, and sensors control and transport. It is a high speed rugged WiFi device for outdoor industrial applications. (continue reading this entry…)

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March 22nd, 2016: Possible NVM Issues for OEM6 Products with pre 6.600 Firmware

Filed under: Firmware Updates/Info


A Non -Volatile Memory (NVM) error occurs on the receiver causing the receiver to either lose communication or tracking.

Products Affected

ProPak6 and OEM638 receivers loaded with pre OEM060600RN0000 (6.600) software and OEM6 receivers tracking more than 2 constellations loaded with pre OEM060600RN0000 software. (continue reading this entry…)

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