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August 1st, 2019: NovAtel OEM7 Firmware 7.07.01 Released

Filed under: Firmware Updates/Info

OEM7 firmware version 7.07.01 (OM7MR0701RN0000, EP7PR0701RN0000) is now available for NovAtel OEM GNSS receivers. It is for OEM719, OEM729, OEM7700, OEM7720, OEM7500, OEM7600, PP7, PP7D, CPT7. This release is NOT for SMART7 or SMART2.

There are improvements to marine and rail profiles, SPAN system convergence robustness, and commands/logs changes. Some of the OEM6 SPAN commands are removed in this new version, so be sure to read the documentation for upgrading.

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