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March 22nd, 2016: Possible NVM Issues for OEM6 Products with pre 6.600 Firmware

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A Non -Volatile Memory (NVM) error occurs on the receiver causing the receiver to either lose communication or tracking.

Products Affected

ProPak6 and OEM638 receivers loaded with pre OEM060600RN0000 (6.600) software and OEM6 receivers tracking more than 2 constellations loaded with pre OEM060600RN0000 software.


This affects all OEM6 products loaded with firmware earlier than OEM060600RN0000. When the data stored in NVM (such as ephemeris, almanac, user configuration, etc.) reaches the allowable limit, the receiver may experience a failure.

For ProPak6 and OEM638 receivers, the receiver may stop responding to commands on all ports. The receiver may be recovered by loading the latest firmware using WinLoad.

For all other OEM6 receivers, when tracking more than 2 constellations, the NVM status bit may be set in the Receiver Error word, causing the receiver to stop tracking signals, leading to a lost position and a FREEWHEELING time status. The receiver can be temporarily recovered by a reset of the receiver.


NovAtel recommends upgrading to the latest firmware OEM060621RN0000

Download Update

The following firmware version handling the NVM issue is available for download
from our support web site:

If you have any questions, or need additional help, please contact SLAinc.