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Aviation Antennas
Marine Antennas
Vehicular Antennas
Survey Antennas
Specialty Items/Other:

   FreeWave Technologies

902-928MHz Wireless Ethernet Bridge
902-928MHz Professional Series Modems in Enclosure
902-928MHz Modems OEM
2.4GHz Modems in Enclosure
2.4GHz Modems OEM
FreeWave Antennas/Cables
Radio Amplifiers (5W for Military Use Only)
Accessories or Other Product(s):

   NovAtel GPS

ProPak-6 Series - GPS Receivers
DL-V3 Series - GPS Receivers
ProPak-V3 Series - GPS Receivers
FlexPak-6 Series - L1 or L1/L2 GPS Receiver
_____OEM Boards
OEM615 - GPS Receivers
OEM628 - GPS Receivers
OEM638 - GPS Receivers
OEMStar - L1/GLONASS Receivers
GNSS-750 - L1/L2/L5, Galileo, Compass, L-Band choke ring antenna
GPS-703-GGG - L1/L2/L5, GLONASS, Galileo antenna with Pinwheel Technology
GPS-702-GGL - L1/L2 GPS/GLONASS/L-Band antenna with Pinwheel Technology
GPS-701-GGL - L1 GPS/GLONASS/L-Band antenna with Pinwheel Technology
GPS-704X - GPS/Galileo/GLONASS/L-Band Passive GPS Antenna
GPS-702L - L1/L2/L-Band GPS Antenna
GPS-702-GG - L1/L2 Zero Offset Antenna
GPS-701-GG - L1 Zero Offset Antenna
ANT-A72GLA4-TW-N (ANT-534-C) - L1/L2/L-Band Aircraft Antenna
ANT-A72GA-TW-N (ANT-532-C) - L1/L2 aircraft antenna
ANT-26C1GA-TBW-N (ANT-537) - L1 antenna for mobile applications
ANT-35C1GA-TW-N (ANT-536-C) - L1 antenna for airborne applications

NovAtel Accessories/Antenna(s)
(not shown above):


VBS Service/Subscription
XP Service/Subscription
XP-G2 Service/Subscription
HP Service/Subscription

   Seco Manufacturing

Tripod and/or tripod accessories
Tribrachs and adapters
Seco Gear, Camouflage
Seco Gear, Safety
Seco Other/Description:

   Waypoint Products Group

GrafNav/GrafNet - GPS Post Processing Software
GrafNav Lite - GPS Post Processing Software
RTKNav/RtStatic - Real-time Processing Software
Inertial Explorer (GPS-IMU) - GPS-Inertial Post Processing Software

   Other GPS Related Products

GA & LA - GPS Inline Amplifiers
GPS Signal Splitters
Acumen Data Logger
Other Products not shown above:

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