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September 29th, 2015: Waypoint USB Key End Of Life Announcement

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NovAtel Inc has announced the End Of Life (EOL) for Waypoint USB keys for GrafNav/GrafNet and Inertial Explorer software. This also affects PCS (Post Contractual Support) for USB keys. You can still purchase the Waypoint software with USB key until December 1, 2015.

After December 31 2015, USB keys will not be serviced or repaired; however, customers can continue to use them. USB keys will not be supported in future major releases of the GrafNav/GrafNet or Inertial Explorer software. Those currently with a Waypoint USB key will be able to convert their USB license to a FlexNet (keyless) version of the software.

Waypoint USB Key EOL FAQ

Reason for switch to FlexNet/software licenses?

  • Software-based licenses allow for faster delivery of Waypoint software.
  • Cost of maintaining two software branches, USB and FlexNet.
  • USB keys are being used less in software licensing.

What type of software licenses will be used?

Waypoint GrafNav and Inertial Explorer use FlexNet Licensing Service from Flexera Software.

When do I have to exchange the USB key to a FlexNet license?

You can continue to use your USB key for the version they are licensed for, but USB keys will not be supported in future major releases. Future major releases will require a software (FlexNet) license and current PCS. It is recommended to switch to a FlexNet license as soon as possible or at the time of PCS renewal.

How do I exchange my USB key to a software license?

  • Contact us or contact your point of purchase for the original Waypoint software
  • Provide picture proof of USB key destruction with key serial number visible (recommended) or request a key exchange if you are unable to provide proof

*example of key destruction

  •  You can do the exchange at the time of PCS renewal or at any time with a up-to-date PCS.
  • Customers that do not have a current PCS will need to purchase a PCS subscription for their key

Will the support period be transferred to the new FlexNet license?

Yes, the PCS subscription from the USB key will be transferred to the software-based license.

How is the license delivered and how do I activate the license?

The license is delivered through email. The email will contain an activation ID for the GrafNav/GrafNet or Inertial Explorer software. The license is activated or returned through the Local License Manager; this is installed along with the Waypoint software package.

Keeping the Activation ID somewhere safe is important. It will be required when calling for support. It can be found in the Local License Manager.

Can the license be transferred to another computer?

Yes, the license can be transferred to another computer. It must be returned from the current computer before it can be activated on another one. Two computer cannot use the license at the same time.

What happens to my license if I have a hard drive crash?

Software license activations will survive a hard drive crash. Re-activating a license on the same computer will not consume another license from the NovAtel License Server. It will re-issue the license that was previously issued. The original Activation ID can be used after you new hard drive and operating system is installed.

 What if I lose my license due to lost/stolen computer, damaged computer, etc?

In certain circumstances, a repair can be done when changes in trusted storage and detected. Such changes may include:

  • Changes to a system hardware component
  • Occurrence of a system restore
  • Correction of a system clock

Contact NovAtel support for help in repairing the license.

Ultimate responsibility of the license is with the customer. It is recommended that the license be returned to the license server prior to any system changes.

What if I don’t have internet access on my computer?

Users can still activate or return their FlexNet license using command line functions and XML responses between the user and NovAtel customer support. Additional info for offline activation can be found at

Should you have any additional questions or would like to transfer your Waypoint USB key to a FlexNet, please contact us.