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April 22nd, 2016: SurvCE 5.0 Released

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Carlson SurvCE 5.0 is now available. There are several improvements including GNSS mission planning, graphical stakeout interface, and several more. A more complete list can be found below. Full license and upgrade pricing can be obtained by contacting us at 281.332.4656 or using our online form.

Top SurvCE 5.0 Features

  • “One Touch” points feature selection.
  • Graphical Stakeout Interface based on motion.
    Two-step stakeout procedure for navigation and proximity provide a new and original stakeout method that increases productivity and ease-of-use. The new guidance symbols combine well with the e-bubble and other sensor icons to provide intuitive real time information that takes the operator to the point quickly and accurately.
  • Easy-select target feature.
    Allows user to pre-configure rod heights and targets and switch between them intuitively and easily from all live survey screens.
  • New GNSS mission planning feature computes satellite availability, this includes:
    • Graphics for number of satellites and DOP curves
    • User defined list for obstructions masking.
  • SurvCE LDL (Live Digital Leveling) Full management for IMU sensors in GNSS units.
    New features perform accurate and reliable measurements by reducing and compensating for errors due to vertical positioning of the pole.
  • New GNSS antenna library.
    Fully compatible with NGS-NOAA catalog and now supporting all NGS Absolute and Relative Antennas calibration.
  • Improved memory management to allow bigger user files (dxf-dwg, tin, geoids…).
  • Edit Centerline now has the ability to add curves and spirals by fitting the existing Pls.
  • GPS-Search Improvements for motorized Total Stations – search is quicker and more effective.
    Provides new distance setting from prism to GPS for better matching and a new more handy icon to perform the search.
  • Extended Point-List format to allow longer points IDs and descriptions with its new binary format that expands the point information.

See history of improvements for previous versions of SurvCE at SurvCE_Updates