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April 19th, 2016: NovAtel OEM6 Firmware 6.700

Filed under: Firmware Updates/Info

NovAtel has released version 6.700 (OEM060700RN0000) firmware for OEM628-based hardware. This includes the FlexPak6 and Smart6-L. It does not apply to the Flex6D. There are some improvements related to TerraStar, Autosurvey improvements (Smart6-L with RELAY), as well as some new commands.


  • OEM628 Release (supports OEM628 based platforms)
  • Support for Terrastar-L 40 cm PPP service
  • Improvements to Terrastar-C convergence times – faster convergence to 20 cm accuracy
  • Introduction of TerraStar Speed restrictions. All Land and Agriculture subscriptions are now subject to a speed restriction of 36 m/s (or 129.6 km/h)
  • Improved Autosurvey feature. User can auto survey and save up to 32 positions in memory (for use on Smart6-L with RELAY)
  • L-band tracking improvements – faster recovery after brief signal blockages
  • Fix for use with Virtual Reference Stations (VRS) that re-cycle their base station IDs. RTK position jumps were possible after a loss of NTRIP connection when the VRS location changed but base station ID did not
  • Added PGN129027 Position Delta, Rapid Update (10Hz) message to the CAN output messages.

New Commands



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