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September 24th, 2008: OEMV Firmware Version 3.50

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NovAtel has released firmware version 3.50 for the OEMV Series GPS receivers.  This version introduces NovAtel’s RT-2 L1TE as well as the ALIGN feature.  Version 3.50 includes the latest OmniSTAR HP library v4.28 and the GGA message is now available before a complete almanac is received.  A complete list of changes are shown below.

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What’s New in OEMV 3.50

  • RT-2 L1TE is NovAtel’s new single frequency RTK solution which optimally combines GPS and GLONASS measurements to produce centimeter level positions for baseline lengths of up to 3 kilometers
  • NovAtel’s ALIGN feature provides distance and bearing information for customers looking for a robust and accurate heading solution.  It is offered in single and dual frequency models for the OEMV-1G, OEMV-2, and OEMV-3 products as an upgrade to existing receivers or as an option on new purchases
  • OmniSTAR has released their latest HP 4.28 library which has been incorporated into firmware version 3.500.  This integration adds support for OmniSTAR’s upcoming frequency and broadcast format changes
  • GGA message is now available before almanac is received
  • SUPERSTAR II messages 20, 21, 23 have been implemented to smooth the transition from the end of life SUPERSTAR II to the OEMV-1 platform
  • SETBESTPOSCRITERIA command has been implemented to allow users to choose between 2D or 3D standard deviations for selecting positions used for the BESTPOS log.  This command also allows users to specify a delay value before a position type is changed to avoid bounce back.  The delay affects PSR, PDP, RTK, and OmniSTAR HP position types

IMPORTANT: Do not upgrade if you are a customer using a special firmware version or have a SPAN GPS receiver.

Should you have any questions or need assistance upgrading your NovAtel GPS receiver, please contact us.