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June 9th, 2008: NovAtel Announces EOL for SuperStar-II

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NovAtel Inc has announced the End Of Life (EOL) for SuperStar-II products. This includes the SuperStar-II Smart Antennas. A complete list of discontinued items is shown below. These products will be available for order until July 31 2008 with shipments scheduled for no later than June 30 2009. Support and repairs for the SuperStar-II based products will continue until June 30 2011.

Discontinued SuperStar-II Products

  • SSII-3-*
  • SSII-5-*
  • SSII-3RARF-*
  • SSII-5RARF-*
  • SSII-5REV-*
  • Flexpak-SSII-*
  • DK-Flexpak-SSII-*
  • DK-SA-232-*
  • DK-SA-422-*
  • SA-232-*
  • SA-422-*

A complete list of discontinued products can be found at Please contact us with any questions, to purchase items before the EOL goes into effect, or to discuss alternative solutions.