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June 11th, 2008: Changes for Waypoint Update Policy

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NovAtel is announcing changes to the update policy for the Waypoint Products Group™. One year of Post-Contract Support (PCS), including software updates, is included in the price of new licenses and software upgrades for all Waypoint software products. Customers may also purchase software updates, which will extend the PCS subscription period for an additional year. Only customers within a current PCS period are eligible for new software features and patches. Technical Support online or by phone is reserved for customers within a PCS period.

Effective 31 May 2008, customers who purchase their update before the end of their current PCS period will be eligible for a 20% discount. Customers whose subscription has lapsed for more than one month will be required to pay for any missed months when renewing. The price for those months will be calculated as 1/12 of the list price for a one-year subscription, multiplied by the number of months.

Existing customers with lapsed subscriptions will have until 30 June 2008 to renew their subscriptions without paying for the lapsed months.

The products affected by this change and the current versions of each are listed below:

  • Inertial Explorer® version 8.10.2428
  • GrafNav/GrafNet and all related products version 8.10.2428
  • RTKNav version 3.15.0626

Contact us with any questions, or to renew your current PCS.