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September 12th, 2017: L-Band Tracking Update for OEM6 and OEM7

Filed under: Firmware Updates/Info

NovAtel announced updates to L-Band tracking functionality for OEM6 and OEM7 receivers. This affects users of the TerraStar (PPP) satellite-based correction service. There is a potential issue that could affect users if the frequency changes beyond the current frequency range (1530 – 1545 MHz). Users of the service need to make sure they are running the latest firmware to prevent potential tracking issues should the frequency range change.

This affects all OEM6 based products including Smart6L, Flex6, and ProPak6 receivers. It also affects all OEM7 receivers capable of L-Band/TerraStar tracking. See the list below for the minimum recommended firmware version for your hardware.

  • OEM6
    • OEM628
    • FlexPak6, FlexPak6D (FLEX6, FLEX6D)
    • Smart6-L
      • 6.710 or later (OEM060710RN0000)
    • OEM638
    • ProPak6
      • 6.606 or later (OMP060606RN0000)
    • SPAN Enclosures
      • 6.631 (OEM060631RN0000 or OMP060631RN0000)
  • OEM7
    • All Products
      • 7.200 (OM7MR0200RN0000)

To download the latest firmware for your NovAtel receiver, go to

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