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May 12th, 2017: EOL Notification for OEM615, OEM617, and OEM628

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NovAtel has announced End of Life for three of the OEM6 Series GNSS receivers. The affected hardware platforms are the OEM615, OEM617, and OEM628. These receivers will be available until September 29 2017 or until inventory is cleared.

NovAtel will continue to support these units until September 30 2020. Below is a list of the affected part numbers and recommended replacements.

Discontinued P/N Replacement P/N
OEM615-* OEM719-*
OEM615A-* OEM719A-*
OEM615B-* OEM719B-*
OEM615C-* OEM719C-*
OEM615V-* OEM719-*
OEM617-* OEM719-*
OEM617B-* OEM719B-*
OEM628-* OEM729-*
OEM628C-* OEM729C-*
OEM628E-* OEM,729C-*
OEM628V-* OEM729-*

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