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February 7th, 2017: NovAtel Firmware 7.200 Released

Filed under: Firmware Updates/Info

NovAtel has announced firmware release 7.200 (OM7MR0200RN0000) for the OEM729, OEM719, and OEM7700. It includes some new features and improvements for the OEM7 Series.

  • Interference Toolkit
    • Using NovAtel Connect 2.0, this allows users to visually represent the RF spectrum levels to find and mitigate RF interference. The GNSS receiver will auto-detect in-band interference and report it in the RXSTATUS log.
  • TerraSTAR-L Service
    • OEM7 receivers will now support the TerraSTAR-L service. This is a 40cm accuracy PPP (Precise Point Positioning) correction service. The service is a subscription service delivered via satellites and is available worldwide.
  • RTK Assist
    • This is a subscription service that enables users to maintain RTK accuracy during outages or disruptions. The GNSS receiver must be capable of RTK positioning and L-band tracking.
  • New Land Profile for Inertial Navigation Systems
    • Provides performance benefits for land vehicles.

The 7.200 firmware can be downloaded from If you have any questions or need help, please contact us.