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October 15th, 2007: GPS, GLONASS, and L-Band Antennas GPS-701-GGL and GPS-702-GGL

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NovAtel Inc introduces the single frequency GPS-701-GGL and dual frequency GPS-702-GGL GPS antennas. These antennas offer the most flexibility to track GPS, GLONASS, and L-Band signals.


The GPS-701-GGL is a single frequency (L1) GPS, GLONASS, and L-Band antenna. The antenna is the same size as the GPS-701-GG antenna with the same 5/8″ thread mount. The GPS-701-GGL uses NovAtel’s Pinwheel™ technology helps reduce multipath for better accuracy.


The GPS-702-GGL is a dual frequency (L1/L2) GPS, GLONASS, and L-Band antenna. Size of the antenna is the same as the GPS-702-GG with a 5/8″ thread mount. This antenna utilizes NovAte’s Pinwheel™ technology for improved multipath rejection.

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