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August 29th, 2007: New Firmware 3.210 for NovAtel OEMV Receivers

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New firmware version 3.210 is ready for download for OEMV Series GPS receivers. This new version adds the RTK Timeout command, default Undulation table is now set to EGM96, and improvement for dual frequency SPP, SBAS, or CDGPS solutions. A complete list of changes/improvements are shown below.

Firmware Download Location:

Please note that SPAN model receivers (ex. -RT2i, -RT2j) may require a different firmware load. Contact SLA Inc if you have a NovAtel SPAN capable receiver or are currently running a special firmware version.

What’s New in OEMV Firmware Version 3.210

  • RTCM3 messages 1007-1012 and 1019-1020 for GPS+GLONASS RTK
  • RTCM 2.3 Messages 18-21 for GPS+GLONASS RTK
  • Selectable Extra-safe mode in AdVance RTK
  • RTKTimeout Command
  • RT-20/RT-20G AdVance RTK Single Frequency
  • GPS Only PDP Filter (Single Point, SBAS, DGPS and L-band)
  • L1/L2 Code Bias solution to improve dual frequency SPP, SBAS or CDGPS solutions
  • OEMV Multiplexed COM Port Issue resolution
  • Change the default Undulation table to EGM96

Compatible NovAtel GPS Receivers:

  • OEMV-*
  • DL-V3-*
  • Flexpak-V1-*
  • Flexpak-V2-*
  • Propak-V3-*

Contact us if you have any questions or need assistance upgrading your firmware.