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April 1st, 2007: OEMV Firmware Release v3.10

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GPS Products,NovAtel Inc

Firmware version 3.10 for the OEMV series of receivers is available for download. This version addresses minor issues with a few NMEA logs and improves API interface. A complete list of changes are shown below.

Download Locations:
OEMV Firmware at NovAtel
Use the update version to update existing receivers
OEM version is typically used for model upgrades (requires authorization code)

What’s new in version 3.10 (changes since v3.02):

  • New AdVance RTK Engine – greatly improves dual frequency RTK performance
  • GPGGA no longer outputs an extra comma before a valid almanac is downloaded and saved to NVRAM
  • GPVTG now automatically adds MAGVAR value
  • GPGGA, GPGGALONG, and GPGGARTK display NULL station IDs correctly
  • UNDULATION and FIX commands are no longer order dependant
  • V2 and V3 now setting antenna open/short bit properly in receiver status word (i.e., RXSTATUS)
  • L-Band tracking performance issues resolved (V1/V3)
  • API interface improvements

Compatible Receivers:

  • OEMV-1
  • OEMV-2
  • OEMV-3
  • Flexpak-V1
  • Flexpak-V2
  • Propak-V3
  • DL-V3

-IMPORTANT- Should your receiver have a special firmware load or is a SPAN (IMU) capable receiver, contact us to see if you should upgrade.