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January 26th, 2022: NovAtel OEM7 7.08.10 Firmware

Filed under: Firmware Updates/Info

NovAtel has released 7.08.10 firmware for some OEM7 GNSS receivers. It is available for OEM719, OEM729, OEM7700, CPT7700, and PwrPak7. It is not compatible with dual antenna receivers.

This firmware release is primarily about TerraStar-C Pro improvements but does include additional updates/improvements. Improvements include an update to the WiFi package on PwrPak7 hardware and an increase to the idle time available.

New Features

  • TerraStar-C Pro enhancements with global RTK From the SkyTM. Improved performance and convergence using quad frequency in PPP.
    • Includes BeiDou B1C, B2a, B2b, B3
    • Includes Galileo E6B
  • Subscription Managed Channel Configuration (SMCC) with TerraStar-C Pro, TerraStar-X, RTK ASSIST Pro subscriptions: Automatic activation of the advanced channel configuration when a valid subscription is activated (for the duration of the subscription period).
  • Improved multipath mitigation using a new correlator type
  • Support for OEM719 hardware version 1.05
  • Support for OEM729 hardware version 2.10

Additional Firmware Updates

  • BeiDou System
    • Use the almanac to determine satellites in view
    • Prioritize MEO satellites for tracking
  • Now defaults to tracking Galileo E6B signal (previously E6C)
  • OEM719: Com2 Tx pin can no longer be configured to output a periodic pulse and instead will be dedicated to the primary Com2 transmit data function.
  • Connect to newly inserted USB stick while operating
  • Fix identification of QZSS and NavIC in NMEA logs
  • Increased idle time available
  • Updated WiFi package to version 1.7.12

Commands/Logs Changes


Updated commands: COMCONTROL


The new firmware can be downloaded from Should you have any questions or need assistance with getting or installing the firmware, please contact us.