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June 7th, 2020: KAARTA Stencil Pro

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The Stencil Pro by KAARTA is now available. This 3D scanner is the top of the line with a number of features and rugged design. It is capable of producing 360 degree high resolution color point clouds. The IP65 rating makes the Stencil Pro perfect for a range of applications and environments.


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Integrated GNSS

The integrated GNSS receiver and antenna places your point cloud to real-world coordinates. It also helps with achieving best-in-class, low drift accuracy while mapping over long distances.


The Stencil Pro scans 600,000 points per second for ultimate coverage and accuracy. The broad vertical field of view and four 8-megapixel cameras will capture every detail. It is perfect for a variety of projects.

  • Rail applications
  • Highway projects
  • Warehouse management
  • Construction
  • City development

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