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February 19th, 2015: OEM6 6.600 Firmware

Filed under: Firmware Updates/Info

NovAtel has released 6.600 (OEM060600RN0000, OMP060600RN0000) firmware for their OEM6 Series. There are several improvements and features with this new version. For those with the ProPak6 receiver also have the additional of the WebUI firmware for control over WiFi.

Whats New in 6.600

  • Support for TerraStar-C data which enables better converged accuracy and faster re-convergence
  • Steadyline provides smooth transitions between solution types
  • RTK efficiency improvements
  • Fix for ethernet issue with DHCP client on Propak6
  • WiFi improvements
  • SPAN improvements
  • Support for 200Hz or 400Hz for ISA-100C
  • New commands
    • EXTERNALPVA, can be used to imput any external update supplying any of: position, velocity, and/or attitude.
  • Command change
    • INSCOMMAND, Added options START_NO_TIME (default) and START_FINE_TIME which restores the default of previous releases.

For a full list of changes/improvements, see the WhatsNew_6600.pdf and WhatsNew_WebUI103.pdf

You can download the firmware at or contact us.