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March 9th, 2011: OEMStar Firmware Release 1.101

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NovAtel has released version 1.101 firmware for the OEMStar GNSS receiver. This new release adds several new firmware models and features.

New Features/Fixes

  • Support for GLONASS only position, velocity, and timing
  • Improved PDP smoothing
  • SETTIMEBASE allows user to select primary and secondary constellations for timing source
  • RAIM support (with firmware option), Receiver Autonomous Integrity Monitoring
  • API support (firmware option) allows you to create custom applications to run directly on the receiver
  • PPSCONTROL updated – PPS output can be stopped or started based on time status
  • New channel configurations available for timing and Glonass-only PVT applications. See the SELECTCHANCONFIG command documentation for details.
  • New command SETRTCMRXVERSION improves backwards compatibility with GLONASS corrections broadcast by RTK/DGPS base stations.

Download OEMStar 1.101

You can download OEMStar v1.101 at

New manuals are also available at

Should you have any questions, or need assistance upgrading your firmware, please contact SLAinc.

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January 28th, 2011: GafNav 8.30.2105

Filed under: Products

New builds of Waypoint Inertial Explorer®, GrafNav/Net®, GrafMov, and GrafNav Lite are available for download. This new version 8.30.2105 has been released to correct an issue with converting all Rinex data collected in 2011. It is highly recommended that everyone install the new build.

You can download via NovAtel’s 8.30 FTP site – (requires login). If you require the username and password please contact with your four digit key number.

Patches for older versions of the software are available for download as well (back until v7.50), see

The manufacturer files have also been updated with a new source for GPS almanacs. The previous source is no longer available. This is important for those who are using the Mission Planner. Please contact SLAinc with any questions.

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