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January 15th, 2008: NovAtel OEMV Firmware Update Version 3.301

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NovAtel Firmware

NovAtel’s OEMV Series of GPS receivers have a firmware update available for download. Version 3.301 introduces 50Hz raw measurement capability and Position Velocity and Timing (PVT) output, improved accuracy for SBAS and CDGPS positioning, and improvements to Network RTK.

Download Locations:

What’s New in Version 3.301

  • Improved Network RTK support for VRS, iMAX, and FKP networks to improve position availability and convergence time
  • Ability to output 50Hz raw measurements and PVT logs for both single and dual frequency GPS signals (supported on all OEMV products except SMART-V1/V1G)
  • RTCM version 2.3 and 3.0 support for Moving Base Station Mode, permitting RTK positions to be solved where both rover and base station are in motion
  • Both SBAS and CDGPS positioning modes use IonoGrid as default for L1 models (resulting in more accurate height)
  • Removal of the height/altitude restriction for heights greater than 18,288 meters as permitted by COCOM
  • GLONASS datum updated to match recent changes to PZ90.02 reference frame
  • Improved tropospheric modeling
  • Updated MAGVAR table with most recent magnetic declination data
  • New RTKDOP log available with DOP generated from satellites used in RTK solution
  • Enhancements to the 1PPS control command to permit a user adjustable pulse width
  • Bluetooth tunnel escape mode added
  • Added delta phase velocity option for applications requiring low latency velocity

NovAtel GPS receivers with custom firmware or SPAN (Inertial Measurement Unit) receivers should contact SLA Inc before upgrading to version 3.301. Contact us with any questions or assistance needed in upgrading your OEMV Series receiver.