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July 31st, 2007: Digital Camouflage and Safety Gear Bags at Seco Gear

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Digital camouflage and public safety bags and cases can now be purchased through Steve Lieber & Associates Inc.

Digital camo products range from garment and duffel bags to parachute and medical backpacks. The digital pattern provides better cover than traditional camouflage. This is due to the way it mimics patterns and borders found in nature.

Public safety bags and equipment for fire, police, EMS, etc. are essential for transportation of critical tools and gear. Public safety bags are typically made in bright colors such as red or yellow. This is great for high visibility and recognition in high traffic/stress situations. High quality equipment bags are required for rough and continued use in all types of conditions. Seco Gear meets the high standards required for public safety and military uses.

Some of the camouflage gear available:

  • AWOL Gear Bag
  • Parachute Bag
  • Hanging Garment Bag
  • Military Helmet Bag
  • Soft Side Computer Carrying Case
  • Medical Backpack
  • Duffel Bag

Some of the public safety gear available:

  • 11 Point Backboard Strap
  • Deluxe Duffel Bag
  • Extrication Gloves
  • Out-of-County Gear Bag
  • Turnout Gear Bag
  • Tote Bags
  • SCBA Mask Ez-Snap Pouch

More information can be found through our products page under Seco Gear.