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October 9th, 2010: SPAN-CPT Firmware CPT3.630

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NovAtel has recently released version CPT3.630 of firmware for the SPAN-CPT GNSS receiver. This is a small update that includes some minor improvements and the addition of ALIGN functionality. This firmware is only for the SPAN-CPT receiver. Info on SPAN-SE firmware can be found here and OEMV SPAN firmware v3.630 can be found at this location.

Changes in CPT3.630

  • ALIGN functionality has been added
  • New ZUPT logic that allows enabling and disabling ZUPTs as required. Additional information can be found in the OEMV Firmware Reference manual under the INSZUPTCONTROL command
  • CANCONFIG command added for configuring CAN messaging on the SPAN-CPT
  • General improvements and updates

Download Locations

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