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May 16th, 2007: NovAtel OEMV Firmware Version 3.20

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The latest OEMV firmware version 3.20 has been released. This new version has several improvements and features. One of the most anticipated addition is the automatic beam selection for OmniSTAR satellite based DGPS corrections. Prior to this feature, a command to change the frequency had to be issued. The automatic beam selection eliminates the need for manually setting the frequency.

Other improvements include: Improved Troposphere Model, GPS+GLONASS positioning, and AdVance RTK (technical white paper, PDF). A complete list of changes since version 3.10 is shown below.

What’s New in OEMV Firmware 3.20

  • AdVance RTK now with L1/L2 GPS+GLONASS RTK
  • GPS+GLONASS code positioning
  • Support for the new OEMV1-G
  • Improved Troposphere model for better code positioning
  • RTCM 2.3 23/24 messages
  • RTCM 2.3 31/32 messages
  • RTCM 3.0 1007/1008 messages
  • Reduction in positioning jumps when switching between L1-only and L1/L2 modes
  • OmniSTAR automatic beam selection
  • Selectable C/No update rate at either 1Hz or 20Hz
  • Support for WAAS positioning with the WAAS Ionospheric grid
  • CDGPSTimeout Command
  • WAASTimeout Command
  • NMEA Updates to support GLONASS position types including the NMEATalker command
  • GPVTG now automatically adds magvar value
  • SBAS Reacquisition Fix for EGNOS – tracking will no longer get stuck when EGNOS system clock error is saturated
  • OEMV-1 antenna power indicator fixed
  • Various GLONASS L2 Tracking improvements
  • GPS L2C / L2P(Y) Bias Fix
  • Corrected CSRS Datum Error

Compatible Receivers

This firmware is compatible with all of the NovAtel OEMV series GPS receivers. This includes OEMV-1, OEMV-2, OEMV-3, Propak-V3, DL-V3, and Flexpak-V1/V2.

Download Location

OEMV version 3.20 at NovAtel
Use the update version to update existing receivers
OEM version is typically used for model upgrades (requires authorization code)

IMPORTANT – If you have a special firmware load, SPAN system, or not sure what to download, please contact us before upgrading your receiver.